Cloud Backup

Your critical data backed up everyday, with no human intervention required - never be a victim of catastrophic data loss again!

Full Protection against hardware failure, fire and theft.

Our backup solution is hosted in South Africa, featuring redundant and resilient connectivity, power and cooling, in a secure facility with bio-metrically controlled access ensures the ultimate security of your data.

We offer a cost effective and affordable service using enterprise-class hardware, configured to offer resilience, speed and security.

Dynalogic Backup is Personal Information Bill (POPIA) compliant.

  • Stored on our enterprise-level hardware and redundant storage in our Pretoria data centre
  • Completely local to South Africa - data never leaves the country
  • Complete peace of mind that your data is being backed up securely and regularly
  • VSS supported - SQL database, locked files, Pastel, Quickbooks etc
  • Suitable for real time database backup and versioning
  • RPO - Recovery Point Objective low as 1 hr
  • Fully DRM compliant
  • End-to-end encryption: Apart from the communication between your machine and our backup servers being secured with TLS (using SHA-256 With RSA Encryption), your actual data to be backed up is client-side encrypted using AES-256-CTR-Poly1305-AES. Even though we are entirely confident that our backup storage servers are solidly secured, we provide you with even more peace of mind in that the data is fully encrypted even before being stored on our servers
  • Deduplication: Powerful block-level deduplication across all files to be backed up per machine means that our software will only transmit as much data to our storage servers as is necessary. Any data that is duplicated within or across files will be reused. E.g. if you backup the same file in more than one backup task, the content of the file (of course encrypted) will only be stored once. In this way, you save on storage space and the storage size you've purchased from us will take you that much further.
  • Intuitive snapshots: Every time your backup task runs, a snapshot is created of all the files at that moment in time. Due to deduplication, all the data that remains the same between different snapshots is only stored once. This means that even if you have hundreds of snapshots of a large set of data, your storage used will only increase as the data to be backed up changes. Flexible scheduling: With the benefits of deduplication, you can get creative with how you schedule your backup tasks. E.g. if you'd like to keep the last 7 daily versions, the last 4 weekly versions and the last 12 monthly versions of a particular file or set of files, you can easily achieve this using 3 backup tasks with those particular backup schedules. Since the data stored is deduplicated, you'll only store as much data as changes between the different versions of the file(s). Having said that, unless your data changes a lot and often, you may as well turn on unlimited snapshots!